Hill International, Inc. Chief Resident Engineer and Deputy Team Leader in AF, Afghanistan

1) Assist Team Leader in reporting on progress, safety, quality control and design modifications.

2) Builds a trusted relationship with the management team and with the client's counterpart staff. Support the Team Leader in managing stakeholders issues and concerns.

3) Establishes an appropriate working relationship with the contractors, vendors and suppliers.

4) Strong familiarity with international standards for design and construction, general understanding of contract conditions (FIDIC) including staging of works and various methods of construction including temporary works, construction planning, scheduling and progress monitoring, implementing security plan, assigning equipment and personnel, testing and field trials and as built drawings.

5) Approve the Contractor's Organization Chart, Method Statement, Construction Program and Layout of Temporary works & Facilities

6) Monitoring progress of construction against the programme, and takes steps to ensure the programme is achieved.

7) Places an emphasis on safe construction practices (Target Zero) and on maintaining a high quality of construction. Leads by example in driving safe practices on site.

8) Monitoring of cost performance of the project and to ensure avoidance of budget blow out.

9) To assist the Team Leader and participate in risk analysis and reviews at various stages of the project.

10) Ensures project quality control procedures are observed, complied and applied to the works and continuous monitoring for improvement. Cooperate with audits required in accordance with the contract requirements and compliance with internal systems.

11) Contributes to the safety and build-ability reviews of the proposed designs.

12) Evaluates, selects, and adapts construction management and control techniques, procedures, and criteria to suit job tasks and site conditions, and devises and implements solutions to problems encountered.

  1. Degree in Engineering, preferably holds a Masters Degree or post graduate credentials in Civil or Highway Engineering

  2. With a minimum of 15 years experience, 10 years of which is in similar role involving design and construction, management of large road projects

  3. Excellent communication and presentation skills

  4. Demonstrate initiative and operate proactively

Title: Chief Resident Engineer and Deputy Team Leader

Location: AF-AF-Kabul

Requisition ID: 16000949