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The subcontractor will instruct and train in the development of an Afghan Air Force (AAF) ACCC as well as its continued sustainment. The subcontractor will have experience in planning and

executing air operations, interactions with Air Operations Centers (e.g. JAOC or other similar experience), and analysis of flight operations. Objectives include:

• Ensure the validity and availability of all required training for ACCC personnel. Instruct in the development of an annual training plan which identifies continuation training

requirements for all personnel within the ACCC.

• Subcontractor shall provide monthly training reports detailing the progress and status of each ACCC individual in training, as required.

• Instruct in the development of a manning program that details the job descriptions and duties for all the personnel assigned to the ACCC. Within 30 days of beginning on PoP start

date, subcontractor shall collaborate with the J-Lead to develop an instruction schedule. Subcontractor will document all training and assess the AAF weekly. The subcontractor will

notify the J-Lead when the AAF can demonstrate that the task can be accomplished independently.

• Instruct in the development of a documentation program supporting the processes and development of the ACCC. The program shall include organizing all metrics, lessons

learned, policies, and directives into a logical, understandable, and sustainable library. The subcontractor shall document and publish the information in manuals in both English and Dari.

• In collaboration with the J-Lead, develop training strategy and metrics to assess the effectiveness of training.

• Train key AAF leaders in the development of staff organization necessary to develop the processes to collect, consolidate and display AAF mission data.

• Instruct key AAF leaders on AAF mission data collection processes. Within 30 days of Exercise of PoP, subcontractor shall collaborate with the J-Lead to develop an instruction


• Instruct key AAF leaders in the benefits of mission data collection as a means to measure AAF capability and as a tool for strategic decision making.

• Train key AAF leaders in the development of metrics that will measure key areas of AAF mission and command and control capability.

• Train the AAF to develop processes to collect, consolidate and display AAF mission data.

• Train the AAF in development of appropriate timelines for data collection, consolidation and metrics presentation.

• Train key ACCC and wing personnel in the conduct of data collection and consolidation.

• Train key ACCC and wing personnel to professionally and accurately display desired metrics using available technology.

Required Qualifications:

• Army Air Force or Marine Senior NCO or Officer with Airspace Coordination experience

• Subcontractor must have professional level skills in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and SharePoint.

• Subcontractor must be able to utilize Microsoft products to create and manage databases and extract required data.

• Subcontractor must be able to organize and display requested data or metrics in an organized and professional looking manner using appropriate software.

• Subcontractor must be able to design and manage SharePoint sites.

• Applicants must be able to pass CENTCOM medical, dental and other CRC-related deployment requirements at an approved CRC. Applicants must be in possession of a

current/active US tourist Passport (with further eligibility to receive – if not already in possession of – a current Afghanistan visa). If candidate is already deployed, he/she must

supply appropriate documentation satisfying these requirements along with confirmation that he/she is in physical possession of government-issued PPE to demonstrate compliance

with CENTCOM deployment requirements.

• Willing to work and live in Afghanistan and understand they can be further assigned to any location in Afghanistan based upon the needs of the U.S. Government

• Willingness to work in hostile areas without a weapon

• Willingness to deploy and live on forward operating bases without regular U.S. Post/Base Exchange and Commissary facilities

Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience training Aviation personnel on Airspace coordination tactics techniques and


  • Operational OEF and or OIF experience.