Constellis USAF Inspection Technician in Afghanistan-AFG, Afghanistan

USAF Inspection Technician

Inspection Section (LRS) is responsible for conducting limited inspector training to all personnel assigned materiel manager limited inspector duties, IAW AFI 23-101/ where equipment accounts must be reconciled / inventoried with 100% compliance required. Act as the Chief Inspector responsible to oversee the COSIS for all warehouse operations, all in accordance with the contract SOW and relevant Air Force Instructions.

  • Establish and maintain the identification of items received, stored, issued, shipped, and transferred. Validate and process all identity changes for materiel for which the LRS/CC is responsible.

  • Maintain a file of all active TCTOs for items in warehouse stockrooms.

  • Accept or reject items delivered under contracts that require acceptance at the destination. NWRM assets received under contract will not be rejected.

  • Coordinate with maintenance to determine if items suspected as damaged should be repaired or disposed.

  • Store incomplete items and notify LRS TCTO Monitor to initiate issue requests for items that are needed to bring incomplete assemblies to a serviceable condition.

  • Work/clear delinquent documents within twenty four (24) hours of occurrence, work/clear rejects within twenty four (24) hours of occurrence, work/clear delinquent shipments within twenty four (24) hours of receiving the delinquency listing.

  • Ensure classified, sensitive, pilferable and COMSEC items are properly identified, handled, shipped and stored, with 100% compliance required.

  • Perform housekeeping duties within area and help maintain a safe working environment

  • Manage reverse posts; including completing research, documentation, and reverse-post and repost transactions to correct error conditions.


  • Experience with US Air Force Supply Computer System - ESS, LIMS-EV. HazMat certificate for storage, handling distribution and shipping. Must have Forklift certificate up to 7/10 ton

  • Valid Driver's License

  • Must have proven experience of functions and activities relating to USAF Supply material management requirements and computer systems, predominantly in an Inspection role.

  • An understanding of US Air force instructions with the ability to research AFI/AFM for clarification and compliance.

  • Minimum four years' service in U.S. Air Force Supply preferably E4/5 in career field 2S051.

  • Preferred knowledge of other USAF Supply Management functions, with the ability to assist with secondary duty functions in APS, FSC, Inventory, Customer Service and Central Storage.

  • Proficient in the use of computers Microsoft Windows and Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook).

  • Good oral and written communications skills required with excellent organizational abilities and customer facing experience.