Integral Consulting Services Civil Structural Engineer in Charlottesville, Virginia

5.2.2 Provides civil planning services including assisting the preparation of civil/site work drawings, structural

evaluations and plans, and water/sewer plans based on existing local utilities and facility load and use. Provides

recommendations on improving operations and maintenance of the physical plant. The contractor shall plan work for

new construction, renovation, and improvement projects for real property facilities, including utility systems,

utilizing a professional knowledge of civil engineering, with 100% completion of all assigned work.

5.2.3 Works in conjunction with the AutoCAD Technician to take hand drawn plans from engineers from multiple

trades (i.e., civil, mechanical & electrical) and use AutoCAD to create presentable and accurate facility and

infrastructure plans for concept and PWS requirements for project execution.

5.2.4 Applies engineering principles and practices for the planning and operation of the municipal water and

sewerage system. Reviews water and sewer line design plans and submits for Government approval. Develops and

maintains water and sewer line engineering and standards.

5.2.5 Monitors and/or manages new projects for demolition, construction, renovations and improvements to real

property facilities from start to finish, including buildings, utility systems, pavements, roads, fencing, etc., utilizing a

professional knowledge of civil/structural engineering, with milestones met 95% of the time.

5.2.6 Complies with all health, safety, and environmental rules, laws, codes, guidelines, criteria, and standards in the

programming, planning, and construction of real property facilities, with 100% compliance required.

5.2.7 Maintains surveillance over construction to ensure overall compliance with contracted specifications and

schedules, with no more than two (2) missed inspections, evaluations, reviews, or recommendations per month.

5.2.8 Maintains effective working relationships with military leadership, contractors, civilians and local nationals;

communicate verbally and in writing to key personnel within and outside ASG-A.

5.2.9 Reviews plans and submits reports to ASG-A DPW for consideration by the Master Planner.

5.2.10 Regularly utilizes AutoCAD.

5.2.11 Determines the availability of water and sewer to specific sectors and/or lots.

5.2.12 Utilizes surveys, prepared by the Surveyor, which may include easements and control for projects. Provides

recommendations on improving operations and maintenance of the physical plant.

5.2.13 Makes recommendations for improvements for inclusion in the budget.

5.2.14 Reviews and recommends changes related to infrastructure issues to the ASG-A.

5.2.15 Reviews calculations for infrastructure projects.

5.2.15 Reviews contract change orders and pay requests for infrastructure projects.


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5.2.16 Assists in the development of computer models of the infrastructure.

5.2.17 Collects field data for calibration and verification of the model.

5.2.18 Sizes water service line connections.

5.2.19 Prepares Statements of Work for engineering projects with response time met 95% of the time.

5.2.20 Travels to Forward Operating Bases within Afghanistan to provide Civil Engineering services.

5.2.21 Escorts TCN/LN contractors as needed.

Contractor personnel who provide Civil Engineer support shall possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering

and shall be registered as a Professional Engineer (P.E). The Civil Engineer shall have a minimum of 5 years engineering experience in roads, structures, infrastructure systems such as sanitary sewer operations and water production and

distribution systems, and the development planning and design of these systems to execute the services required in

this Section. A current Professional Engineering registration is required. The Contractor shall possess a valid U.S.

driver’s license.

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