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Air Traffic Controller - Kabul Approach

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Air Traffic Control Specialists Kabul Approach Center (KAC) control air traffic according to established procedures and policies to prevent collisions and minimize delays arising from traffic congestion. Responsible for the safe, orderly and expeditious movement of air traffic through assigned airspace.

Individuals shall demonstrate professional knowledge of air traffic control rules, regulations, and techniques, and the ability to apply this knowledge in radar approach facility. Individuals selected for this category shall be a graduate of an approved DOD, FAA, or ICAO air traffic controller course, shall possess FAA form 7220-1 and shall possess a valid Second Class or First Class Medical Certificate (FAA Form 8500-9) or equivalent at time of employment. A minimum of 4 years ATC experience in a RADAR facility is required.

Essential Job Functions: (not limited to duties as described – performs related duties as requested)

  • Maintains positive control of aircraft within designated ATC assigned airspace.

  • Keeping radio and/or radar contact with aircraft.

  • Issuing landing/takeoff instructions

  • Applies appropriate separation minima IAW applicable FAA, ICAO, or Military directives.

  • Issues control instructions to aircraft within assigned airspace for the safe and expeditious flow of air traffic.

  • Applies vertical and lateral separation minima to aircraft climbing or descending.

  • Formulate and issue IFR clearances to include routes and flight levels based known and existing traffic.

  • Provide current and forecasted weather phenomena to aircraft.

  • Ensure appropriate separation minima is maintained between aircraft.

  • Handling unexpected events, emergencies and unscheduled traffic.

  • Alerting airport emergency crews and other designated personnel when aircraft are having flight difficulties.

  • Maintaining and disseminating records of daily operations.

  • Controlling movements onto and off runways.

  • Coordinate with adjacent ATC facilities.

Level of Supervision: n/a

Education & Experience:

  • High School graduate or equivalent.

  • Successful completion of a FAA, DoD, or ICAO air traffic control course

  • 4 years ATC experience in a RADAR facility

License & Certifications:

  • Required to maintain a current FAA Class II Medical clearance at all times

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Provide a safe, orderly and expeditious flow of aircraft at the airport and in the air.

  • Knowledge of air traffic control rules, regulations, and techniques,

  • Knowledge of ATC automation equipment, such as Micro-EARTS, ARTS and STARS.

  • Effectively utilize two-way radio communications, radar systems with associated computer equipment, landline communications systems and visual light-gun signals.

  • Formulate limited weather observations and provide weather conditions and assist aircraft during periods of inclement weather with the use of radar, instrument landing systems and various types of airfield lighting.

  • Offer emergency assistance to aircraft and be responsible for notifying and coordinating with emergency personnel and other agencies.


Security Clearance: N/A

The position may require that the applicant meet the Minimum Standard Medical requirements.

Job Location

Kabul, , Afghanistan

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